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Day Care

VR ML Kids Pride International School will be an answer to the questions or rather the pain of parents who are either working executives or dedicated to their business. In the present scenario, bread earning is the job equally of both the parents. Be it working from home or stepping out to bring home the sweet of your sweat. Earning is necessary, but should be without being pulled back by our own thoughts. VR ML Kids Pride International School , promises to be the place where the children will be at home, feeling every bit of it. Every kid will have their own space, identity and that too with fun and yearn to be a part of this.

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kindergartens ply group program is an extension of home. This is the first time the child comes out of home and steps into the outside unknown world. At VR ML we do our best to make the transition hassle free.We strive to provide the child with an environment that will jump-start his/her development process.At this level the emphasis on developing a routine for the child, and building relationships with the people of the outside world is the most important part of the curriculum. The young buds need to blossom into smart, independent individuals, which is done at VR ML in a warm and nurturing environment to ease transition from home to school. We focus on developing social and emotional skills, outdoor activities and sensory stimulation.The curriculum revolves around giving children freedom to explore, so our age-appropriate activities are planned accordingly. We also focus on a lot of oral work which include rhymes and action songs during circle time as a part of concept teaching. All of these are taught through enactments, music, dance and other fun activities.

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Nursery curriculum is more playand activity based ensuring that the child cultivates a life-long passion for learning.We believe in Building a sense of confidence, self Esteem and strong life skills, encouraging and supporting social and communication skills. We succeed by using age-appropriate material and help the child acquire knowledge and understanding of practical concepts through innovative learning and play.A lot of activities like pasting, sorting, picking, threading, puzzles and many more are given to kids to enhance their eye-and-hand co-ordination, pincer grip and to improve their motor skills. We also emphasize on identification of letters and objects. Phonics is an essentially important part of learning where sounds of the letters are taught, which help children become effortless at proper pronunciation of words, helping them speak any language fluently. As writing tools children use crayons with creative activities related to letters and numbers. It is again play-based where concept of letters and number identification is taught through various play-way methods and teaching aids, smart boards, music, dance, play enactments and fun activities which helps them to develop a lasting love for reading and writing.

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Junior KG

The curriculum is a combination of academics and fun activities beyond books and built for the all-round development of the child. It is well-defined to cover each and every aspect of child development. Evolving major and fine motor skills through activities is an important part of the portion.Learning by symbolic representations through words, movements, drawings and other objects is also made a vital part of the syllabus. Children are introduced to writing within the red and blue lines specially designed for our school. Worksheets, made by our teachers and specifically planned and prepared for our school, are also very creative and help in developing various facets of a childs personality. Phonics plays a very important role in making our little ones fluent readers. Special attention is given so that our little ones develop interest in reading skills which is an integral part in a childs overall development. Writing of cursive letters and joining letters are taught with the help of special teaching aids which are designed only for our kids by our trained staff. Music, dance and play enactments are not forgotten as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!.

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Senior KG

Emphasis is laid on providing a program designed to meet the needs of children to ensure a smooth transition from pre-school to primary school. Children are introduced to formal academic learning through use of worksheets, workbooks and notebooks. Children are introduced to vowels and consonants, two and three letter words and made to gradually to form and write sentences. Number skills are taught with equal ease in a fun way.We also focus on using of signs for greater and less than, equal to, skip counting etc. as a part of curriculum to enhance their creativity. Children are given topics to think and make illustrations. Activities like show and tell or small-talk topics are part of KG-II curriculum to enhance their personal and social skills. As Funland Kindergarten is a preparatory school, by end of KG-II, our children are ready to face entrance tests for class one anywhere, and are ready for a smooth evolution from the secure environs of a pre-school to an impersonal and bigger primary school with flying colours.

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Hobby Class

Our activity class include exciting extra-curricular activities for kids. We introduce the young ones to a variety of pursuits such as karate, dance, abacus training, phonics, yoga, shloka recitation, drawing and colouring, music, storytelling, art and craft, science experimentation and many such stimulating activities.

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